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At Mamma’s in Lincoln, we are all about the warm welcome! Our delicious crepes and waffles are served with a smile whether you’re meeting friends, treating the family or dropping in for a break.

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Our love for authentic crepes and waffles is tied up with family and friendship.


For years we would travel from Lincoln to visit friends in France and head to our favourite spot, La Gavotte! – the best family run creperie, we were hooked! Incredible tastes, amazing company, the best combination.

Being real foodies, we are always inspired by new and exciting finds, and following our noses on a trip to Toronto led us to a small street vendor where we discovered the incredible bubble waffle – one of the best things we’ve ever eaten!


We don’t do things by halves so of course we trained with French masters to perfect all the techniques needed to guarantee light and fluffy waffles and crepes every, single time.


The result? Our Mamma’s match made in heaven! 

Mamma’s Crepe & Waffle Bar – Where our family welcomes yours



We believe in giving more, going above and beyond with both service and our recipes, so you’ll always find a touch of something special at Mamma’s in Lincoln.


We’ve taken all the amazing tastes and flavours that we love, added our own spin and a sprinkled it all with elegance to give our customers the most beautiful sweet and savoury dishes along with the best service in the neighbourhood!


And if you can’t stop, we’ll still sort it for you, our order from home service means that you can enjoy Mamma’s crepes and waffles in the comfort of your own home, from our family to yours x

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